GDPR intro course

If you’d like to give a group of staff an introduction into how GDPR works practically, or slip a GDPR session into an induction pack, this adaptable and entertaining course is for you. Take it as it is, or make changes to include content you need.

Here We Go Again!

The Data Protection and Digital Information Bill is the government’s roadmap to UK GDPR reform. It’s not elegant or particularly coherent, but if you want to know what’s likely to be coming, book now and I will enlighten and entertain you.

Online: September 7th, 9.30am, £125.00 + VAT.

UK GDPR Essentials

If you want a quick and practical guide to how the UK GDPR works and what you need to do to get on top of it, this is the course for you. £125 + VAT, 1st September 2022.


These are punchy courses delivered at your desk (or in your home wearing pyjamas, I won’t know the difference) – each course is around two hours, with full materials available, and all the enthusiasm and practicality you should expect from a 2040 course. Listen and learn, ask questions and get answers from a trainer with 20 years of information rights experience.


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You can buy access to a recording of any of the following courses. There are links to some free courses which you can view to get an idea of what the courses are like. I am not a robot, so what you get is opinionated, unscripted and spontaneous. These were live sessions sometimes interrupted by questions, tech hitches and delivery drivers.

Why Use 2040?

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