GDPR / FOI Courses

Punchy courses delivered at your desk (or in your home wearing pyjamas, I won’t know the difference) – each course is around two hours, with full materials available, and everything you would expect from a 2040 course. Listen and learn, ask questions and get answers from a trainer with 20 years of information rights experience. […]

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Interactive workshops

The pandemic pushed nearly all training courses online, and while there be many advantages in terms of avoiding long journeys and crowded trains, it’s not quite the same as being in the same room, collaborating with other people and finding out their perspectives. This series of courses is designed to escape Powerpoint and work together […]

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You can buy access to a recording of any of the following courses. There are links to some free courses which you can view to get an idea of what the courses are like. I am not a robot, so what you get is opinionated and unscripted. These were live sessions sometimes interrupted by questions […]

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See for more about my work. Follow me on Twitter: @tim2040 Email me:

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