Recordings Sale!

GDPR basic / induction courses

I have two recorded introductory sessions about GDPR – a general introduction for staff who handle personal data and a shorter one designed for people who don’t handle data. You can watch on screens and mobiles and they even work purely as sound. Click here to find out more.


These are punchy courses delivered at your desk (or in your home wearing pyjamas, I won’t know the difference) – each course is around two hours, with full materials available, and all the enthusiasm and practicality you should expect from a 2040 course. Listen and learn, ask questions and get answers from a trainer with 20 years of information rights experience.


I am currently offering discounts on all of my recorded courses, so click here to see what’s on offer. Some are clean records, but a lot were live sessions sometimes interrupted by questions, tech hitches and delivery drivers. I am not a robot, so what you get is opinionated, unscripted and spontaneous but full of practical advice.


If you would like regular updates about 2040 courses and products, blogs and other activities, you can sign up here. Each email will contain information about 2040 courses, interesting or useful examples of what organisations are doing with Data Protection, and links to guidance or advice. Subscribers will get discounts for 2040 courses and invites to exclusive free webinars. You can opt out at any time.

Why Use 2040?

My name is Tim Turner. I am 2040 Training. Yes, it’s just me, your friendly neighbourhood artisan trainer and consultant. There are bigger companies with impressive websites and slick marketing. If you want to pay for a big operation, go ahead. If you want enthusiasm and experience without the overheads, you’re in the right place.


Click here to send me a message – I can provide tailored training courses on any data protection, Freedom of Information, or PECR-related topic. I also provide audits, assistance with DPIAs and SARs or FOI requests, and advice / Q+A sessions for you and your colleagues. You don’t need to take something off the peg: tell me what you need and I’ll deliver.

How 2040 uses data about you

2040 Training uses customer data to pursue its legitimate interest in making money. The processing of personal data relating to clients  is minimal. Some data will be retained for legal purposes, and there are some data processors to be aware of. Click here to find out more about the admittedly limited uses I make of personal data.