DPO Jobs frequently asked questions

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What do you need to post a job?

As a bare minimum, I need the job title, the salary or salary range and a link to how to apply. I know some recruiters don’t specify the employer up front and I don’t see that as a dealbreaker; the same goes for closing date. I’d much prefer employer, location and closing date as well, but I will post without. The applicant needs to know what kind of job this is and what they’ll get paid. Give me that and we’re in business.

There is no charge for posting your role on DPO jobs, but if you think that a payment would be appropriate, your organisation could make a donation to a mental health charity. This is not a requirement but I appreciate very much the fact that some organisations have asked and subsequently donated. I must emphasise, this is a free service and there is no expectation that you will donate anything.

Why do you insist on salaries or salary bands?

All of the feedback I have received from those actively hunting jobs (whose views are obviously very important to me) say that they much prefer jobs with salaries on. I’ve also spoken to several recruiters and a lot of people in the sector more widely about this issue. Everyone thought that a salary range at least was a necessary indicator of an employer who is on the level. The job hunter feedback was compelling, but other people all seemed to go in the same direction.

Why do you post jobs with low salaries?

I post every relevant job I find as long as it has a salary. If you’re lucky enough not to know what it is like to be desperate for a job, any job, to get out of unemployment or a job you hate, be thankful. I do know what that’s like. A job you’re capable of doing, even on a poor salary, is sometimes a blessing.

Why is there a public sector bias?

Because I only post jobs with salaries and the public sector almost always posts the salary. Private sector and charity organisations are generally more cagey.

Why don’t you post jobs outside the UK?

First: I’m in the UK. It seems logical to concentrate on the place I live and the people I deal with.

Second: the DPO jobs posts are limited to what I can find and what people send me. If I attempted to capture all the DP-related jobs in the EU, or in the world, I would end up doing little else, and I don’t get paid for this. Most jobs are tied to a physical location that you need to visit occasionally, so it doesn’t make sense to follow an account or sign up to an email on the off-chance that it might have suitable locations. Whereas if I focus on the UK, people in that location can be assured that I will have relevant jobs for them. Moreover, most of the people who know I exist are in the UK, so nearly all of the jobs I get sent are based here.

To stray a bit off topic, some people have accused me of deliberately excluding EU jobs because I am anti-EU or a Brexit supporter, even though I voted Remain and think Brexit is stupid. It’s largely a practical thing. Beyond that, I do think there is a belief among some that everything in data protection has to be Euro-centric and the UK should always be thought of as part of the European data protection family. But that doesn’t work for everything, and it isn’t something that everyone has to buy into. If someone *was* a Brexit supporter and wanted to run a patriotic, red white and blue DP jobs page, they would have every right to do so. It would put me off, but dissenting opinions should be encouraged in this sector.

Shouldn’t there be an EU version?

Following on from the above, several people have told me that I should post EU roles or do an EU version. I don’t have time. When people have said this to me, I invite them to do it. Everyone of them has said they they’re too busy. Someone could do it if they thought it was worth doing. It’s too much work for me, but the option is open for someone else.

Multiple people have got jobs that they saw on the DPO jobs. Knowing that is enough for me to keep going. It might be enough for you. You don’t need my permission to copy what I do here (come up with your own brand though).

Would you post fully-remote roles?

Yes, I have done. If you’ve got one, send it to me.

Why are you doing this?

I don’t have a boss. When I get an idea, there’s nobody to stop me. This is great, and it is awful.