Anti-Vex: dealing with vexatious and repeated requests (2 hours)

Refusing a request as vexatious is always a last resort, but sometimes a slew of requests or a targeted campaign justifies this significant step. Following the lead of the notorious Dransfield case at the Upper Tribunal ten years ago, there are dozens of examples of successful (and sometimes unsuccessful) refusals for applicant’s worst excesses. This course covers refusals for both FOI and EIR requests.

Course includes:

  • The Upper Tribunal definition of vexatious

  • Factors to take into account – burden, motive, seriousness, effect on staff

  • Vexatious refusals based on the application of exemptions and redaction time, including recent decisions on ministerial diaries

  • The issue of the request vs the requester – when you can stop dealing with a person’s requests altogether

  • Vexatious patterns of requests

  • Vexatious refusals versus time-based refusals

  • Stupid requests: zombies, dragons and marker pens

  • Repeated requests

  • Recent Commissioner and Tribunal decisions

Live or recorded

2.00pm, 21/09/23

£150.00 + VAT live

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