Second Chance: Carrying out an FOI internal review (2.5 hours)

Internal reviews are a vital part of the FOI process. The initial response should be solid and well-considered, but sometimes it’s not. If the applicant isn’t happy with the second chance answer, the next stage is the Information Commissioner, which involves a lot of time, work and effort. Even if you maintain the substance of the original decision, creating a better version of it will pay dividends. But if you spot a better approach, you’ll be supporting transparency and the public’s right to information as well as doing your organisation a huge favour.

Course includes:

  • Common problems with FOI responses

  • Ensuring independence and objectivity

  • How to use the original response in your internal review and give the request a genuine second look at the same time

  • Checklist for your review

    • Was the request clear?

    • Do you hold the information that was requested?

    • The prejudice test for exemptions

    • The public interest test

    • The passage of time and its effect on disclosure

Live or recorded

9.30am, 2/02/24

£175.00 + VAT (£100 recorded)

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