SAR Surgery (up to 3 hours)

This session has two parts – the first is a quick summary of any major developments in the past three months related to subject access or wider rights. This could be UK or EU guidance, enforcement (more likely EU if we’re being honest) or any significant court decisions.

The main part is Q+A – you can ask any and all questions about subject access from the basics to the complex. You can submit these questions in advance, ask them on the day or participate in the discussion that I’ll be encouraging. If you’re a lonely DPO or DP specialist stuck in an organisation by yourself, this is an opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals with different experience and learn from them as well as me. Numbers on the session will be limited so you’ll have chance to ask your question and get involved. You’ll get a summary of all questions and answers afterwards, and any question that gets missed will be answered there.

Each season is £200 + VAT including a summary of all updates and a Q+A transcript written to protect participants’ identities and organisations.

Live only: no recording

9.30am, 2/10/2023

£150.00 + VAT

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