Safety First: create a GDPR-proof warning system for your organisation (2.5 – 3 hours)

I’ve been working on data protection issues for 20 or so years, and a question that has constantly come up is ‘is sharing warnings for staff about risks posed by customers and service users a breach of data protection?’. The answer is no: data protection does not prevent you from sharing warnings. This course will help you to build a stable, fair and effective warning system that uses personal data fairly.

Course includes:

  • Lawful basis: health and safety, legitimate interests

  • Fairness and minimisation: what is your trigger for creating a warning

  • Transparency: do you tell the subjects of the warnings, and what do you tell them?

  • Litigation in the UK on warning systems – the Clift case

  • What the Information Commissioner used to say about violence warning markers (they don’t say anything any more)

  • Reviews, retention and challenges

Live or recorded

9.30am, 15/01/24

£175.00 + VAT live

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