Practical GDPR: the PECR Puzzle

You are working at Bookwells, a traditional and long-established bookshop in the market town of Langley. Bookwells has a reasonably successful online presence and a modest but loyal mailing list, all of whom have actively consented to receive a quarterly newsletter of book recommendations. Times are changing, and the owners have sold the store to EveryBook, an American conglomerate which acquires book shops and companies across the world.

Now, you are dealing with Chad Winkler, a marketing executive from EveryBook’s head office, and Chad has lots of ideas for how to expand Bookwell’s reach and sales. He’s never heard of PECR, he’s a big fan of data scraping and buying data from data brokers. As DPO, it’s your job to make sure that Bookwells stays on the right side of the law.

On this course, you and your fellow delegates will deal with dodgy data brokers, text messages, spam emails and the worst interpretation of consent you can imagine. You won’t be trained in the detail of GDPR, PECR and marketing on this course; this is – virtual – hands-on dealing with the problem of colleagues who just don’t want to comply. However, if you haven’t attended one of my GDPR and Marketing courses (or heaven forbid, someone else’s), you will get a bundle of reading so you’re up to speed.

The course runs at 2.5 - 3 hours and is fully interactive. There are materials that you will need to read in order to prepare properly for this course. You will need a working microphone to participate (camera not required).

9.30am, 21st September 2023

£150.00 + VAT

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