Practical GDPR: the Challenging CCTV DPIA (2.5 hrs)

At the centre of the town of Longley is the Riverside Shopping Centre. Still popular with the locals, it is past its prime, full of leaking overhead walkways, car parks and stairways. The previous owners had a creaking CCTV system installed in parts of the centre, but it hardly worked and missed crucial points. Your employer has bought the centre – it’s going to be revived and refreshed, and that includes a new CCTV covering the whole area, including facial recognition, crystal clear pictures and cameras everywhere. With risks of encroaching on nearby flats, drug dealers and a shoplifting ring, this is a complicated project, and you have to run the Data Protection Impact Assessment on the whole thing.
Join your fellow delegates in deciding on how to deal with the DPIA: do you have the right information, what are the risks of using facial recognition and filming in areas that people might expect privacy. Can you share data with the police? Do you need to stop cameras facing the street? You won’t be trained in the detail of DPIAs and CCTV on this course; this is – virtual – hands-on dealing with the assessment. However, if you haven’t attended one of my DPIA courses (or heaven forbid, someone else’s), you will get a bundle of reading so you’re up to speed.
The course runs at 2.5 – 3 hours and is fully interactive. There are materials that you will need to read in order to prepare properly for this course. You will need a working microphone to participate (camera not required).

9.30am, 28th September 2023

£150.00 + VAT (live only)

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