The Long Arm: Data Protection and Law Enforcement

Basic coverage of GDPR and the DPA 2018: why there are two pieces of legislation, where they come from, what they’re designed to do, the impact of Brexit

  • Main issues in DPA Part 3

  • What is a ‘competent authority’?

  • Identifying law enforcement purposes

  • Common features of GDPR and the DPA 2018 – things you always need to do regardless of the purpose for which data is being used

  • Sensitive personal data

  • Where GDPR and DPA diverge – justifying the use of personal data including policy documents for sensitive processing

  • The use of criminal data

  • Specific issues

  • Justifying the use of personal data for law enforcement purposes

  • Transparency – when it does and does not apply

  • Identifying and recording the status of data subjects

  • Specific logging and recording issues

  • Individual rights, including subject access, the right to be forgotten, and rights of objection

  • Research


Live or recorded

10.00am, 30th October 2023

£350 + VAT

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