Get Data Protection Right: how to be the best DPO / Practitioner you can be

A DPO should be an adviser, an auditor and a troubleshooter. On this course, you’ll learn vital skills to help you in your role – adopt a dash of Stoic philosophy, a flash of sharp persuasion skills, and a willingness to ask questions before you answer them.

Who should be a Data Protection Officer? What skills and knowledge are required? When you’re doing the job, what do you need to tackle? What do you need to know about your organisation? What are the best techniques to help your colleagues to achieve a balance between data protection compliance and effective working? All these questions are more will be answered on this practical and entertaining course.


  • Things the DPO needs to tackle as a matter of urgency

  • Who needs a DPO?

  • Professional knowledge: getting to grips with the text of the GDPR / DPA / PECR

  • The DPO’s professional qualities – precision, pragmatism, stoicism and sales

  • What does Data Ethics mean and what should your approach be?

  • Developing a strategy for your organisation: where to start and when to stop

  • Developing your own take on GDPR

  • Where to go and what to do when you don’t know what the answer to a GDPR question is

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest

  • The best (and worst) way to give your advice

  • DPO Tasks – advice, monitoring, training

  • Dealing with the ICO

Only available live

10.00am, 06/12/23

£350 + VAT

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