Recruitment, references, grievances, monitoring, marketing to staff: GDPR has implications for all these and more. In the current crisis, we also have the complications of working from home, health testing and monitoring.

This practical update will highlight the tricky issues and how to deal with them.


  • Recruitment, including researching applicants

  • Dealing with recruiters

  • Justifying your use of employees’ personal data (contract vs legal obligation)

  • Monitoring your employees, including key court decisions on the use of employees’ data, including the multi-million euro fine on H+M

  • Home & remote working: developing a plan to ensure that data is safe at home and on the move

  • Justifying the monitoring of employee health data

Book along with the SAR vs HR course and you’ll get £25 off each course.

Live or recorded

9.30am, 30th April 2024

£175.00 + VAT (or £100 + VAT for recorded)

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