EIR vs FOI (1 hour course)

The Environmental Information Regulations cover obviously environmental issues like pollution, contamination, recycling and waste processes but it doesn’t stop there. Environmental issues also include the state of the human-built world, noise complaints, parking issues and even graffiti. It’s impossible to run a public authority without having some impact on the world that we live in, even if it’s just the effect of occupying buildings where people work or buying equipment. This short, practical course will let you know how to work out whether FOI or EIR applies to a request.

Course covers:

  • the six parts of the EIRs’ definition of environmental information

  • how to identify the environmental elements

  • information about the natural world – rivers, landscape, soil and air

  • human-made spaces – roads, pavements and buildings

  • actions that effect the world – waste and recycling, road and building maintenance

  • decisions with an environmental impact – planning, building control, licensing and policy making

  • the environmental impact on human life

Live or recorded course

09.30am, 01/05/24

£100.00 + VAT (£80 for recorded)

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