Eyes Down: CCTV + GDPR Essentials

Very few people actually used Closed Circuit Television these days, but nevertheless, CCTV is the name that sticks. This course will answer all your questions about using video surveillance. When can we use CCTV and for what purpose? Can we use it in secret? Who can you share images with? What happens if someone makes a subject access request for CCTV data? What does the ICO’s new guidance on video surveillance say?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this entertaining and practical course.


  • How to justify the use of CCTV

  • Implications of GDPR and Human Rights Privacy

  • Capturing special categories data

  • Using facial recognition, including the South Wales Police case

  • Key legal cases including the Peck case

  • Impact assessments

  • Dealing with subject access requests for CCTV images

  • Requests for disclosure

This course is also available either as a recorded session or a live in-house session.

9.30am, 4th September 2024

£175.00 + VAT

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