To be continued

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Since late in 2011, I have been writing a book on Data Protection. Despite my enthusiasm, I have been making only sporadic progress on it. Whereas all the other work I do has an expectant client who wants to see results, the DP book is something I am writing speculatively, and so it always gets pushed to the back of the queue. So it’s half-done despite the long gestation.

In order to finally finish it, I am cancelling my Lovefilm subscription, leaving my phone on silent, and most importantly for our current purposes, taking a break from social media. For the month of August (and probably some of September), I won’t be Tweeting or blogging – to the extent of deleting all the apps and links from my devices and my computer. Given that lots of people are on holiday, the Olympics are dominating everyone’s attention and I’m not exactly the lynchpin of the internet at the best of times, I don’t imagine that this will leave a big whole in people’s lives. But nevertheless, I’ve met lots of lovely people via the wonders of the web (and a few, I’ve even met in person), and it seems impolite to go quiet without an explanation.

If for any reason you need to contact me direct, please visit my website where you will find all of my real world contact details: Email is pretty much the only thing I won’t be ignoring. Especially if you’d like to discuss publishing a book on Data Protection because even if I finish it, I have no publisher.

Hopefully, you’ll all still be here, and in the mood for some stirring, bad jokes, and show-off FOI requests on WhatDoTheyKnow when I return in September.