Full day’s training = £1000 + VAT

Half day’s training = £500 + VAT

30 minute advice meeting = £50 + VAT. I will charge you for the time we actually use, rounded up to the nearest 30 minute slot.



Services are agreed by email, and by confirming that you want the service by email, you have booked the course.

Payment is 30 days after invoice is issued – invoices issued after services are delivered, unless you prefer to pay before.

If the course is online, there is no cancellation fee.

If the course is in person, there is no cancellation fee but you will pay the cost of any booked expenses.



Online courses can be delivered on any platform – it is your choice.

Timings are usually 9.30 – 12.30 for a half day, and 9.30 – 4.00pm for a full day.

There is no limit on course attendees, but I recommend a maximum of 15 people.

There is an additional charge to record online courses. The recording will not be made available outside your organisation.

Course materials (slides etc.) will be provided but you agree to keep them within your organisation.



Any information or material you provide will be treated in confidence. I advise you to use an NDA to protect your organisation’s interests. I have a standard agreement if you want to use it, but your own agreement is preferable.



Cheapest train / airfare from Manchester or equivalent if I am driving (your choice).

If required, overnight stay (your choice – I will book Premier Inn or equivalent).

Overnight stays only required where necessary.

You can book any travel, hotels etc. if you prefer.