Rise of the Machines: GDPR vs AI

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2040 materials

Slides: Rise of the machines slides

Course recording (your eyes only please): Click here

Free webinar about Clearview: Click here

My rundown of AI related movies: Click here

ICO guidance and action

ICO guidance on AI: Click here

Consultation on accuracy of generative AI models (April 2024): Click here

ICO action against Clearview AI in 2022: Click here

Clearview AI’s successful appeal in 2023: Click here

House of Commons Library AI reading list: Click here

GDPR and AI around the world

EU AI Act briefing: Click here

Italy takes action against Chat GPT (Article Jan 2024): Click here

Joy Buolamwini’s TED Talk: Click here

Ed Zitron’s ‘Better Offline’ podcast (the AI episodes are 10/4/24 + 12/4/24): Click here

Microsoft STRIDE model: Click here