You can buy access to a recording of any of the following courses. There are links to some free courses which you can view to get an idea of what the courses are like.

I am not a robot, so what you get is opinionated and unscripted. These were live sessions sometimes interrupted by questions from attendees, the odd uncooperative slide, and every now and again, the excitement of a parcel delivery guy who REALLY WANTS TO BANG ON THE DOOR. I will replace some of the live recordings with slicker, edited versions that have been made specifically for sale here, but right now, unless the recording below is marked “clean“, it’s a recording of me at my computer live and unedited so reality intrudes from time to time.

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Free courses

ICO Enforcement on Experian:

GDPR Rights for Students:


Schrems 2, featuring Dr Katherine O’Keefe, Director of Training and Research at Castlebridge:

Brexit and GDPR:

ICO report into Mobile Phone Extraction:

Writing a good FOI request (pitched to journalists, but hopefully helpful to others):

GDPR courses

A 2 hour course is £60 + VAT, and a 1 hour course is £50 + VAT.

Click on the link in each course name to learn more.

Available as recordings only

The ICO British Airways Fine (1 hr)

CCTV Essentials (2 hrs)

Controllers vs Processors (1 hr)

GDPR and HR (1 hr)

GDPR and Photography (2 hrs)

GDPR and research (2 hrs)

GDPR and Social Media (1 hr)

Data Protection Act Courses (£40 each, or book all four for £120 + VAT)

Data Protection Act 2018 for beginners (1 hr)

Dealing with Special Categories and Criminal Data (1 hr)

Data Protection Exemptions (1 hr)

Data Protection and Law Enforcement (1 hr)

Role-based training

GDPR and Elected Members (2 hrs)

GDPR and School Governors (2 hrs)

GDPR and Trustees (2 hrs)

Available live or recorded

Data Sharing Masterclass (2 hrs)

DPIAs and DP by Design: the basics (2 hrs)

DPIAs in Practice (2 hrs)

DPO Essentials (2 hrs)

GDPR Essentials (2 hr)

GDPR Rights (2 hrs)

SAR basics (1 hr)

SARs: searching, redaction and exemptions (2 hrs)

FOI Courses (£60 each or book both for £100 + VAT)

EIR Essentials (2 hrs)

FOI Basics – processing requests (2 hrs)

FOI exemptions and refusals (2 hrs)