Practical GDPR: the Nightmare SAR

As soon as you get a subject access request from Barry Savage, you know you’re in trouble. If there’s an HR complaint in your organisation, either it’s about him or he made it. Bounced from one department to another because a series of managers haven’t had the guts to deal with him, Barry’s data is spread across the organisation – you’ve got WhatsApp messages, emails, disciplinary reports and some photos you don’t even want to think about. And now, Barry wants to see all of it.
On this course, you are going to deal with Barry’s nightmare subject access request. Join your fellow delegates in deciding on how to deal with his initial request, where to search, what exemptions might apply and even what redactions to make on the information he is requesting. You won’t be trained in the detail of exemptions and SARs on this course; this is – virtual – hands-on dealing with the request. However, if you haven’t attended one of my SAR courses (or heaven forbid, someone else’s), you will get a bundle of reading so you’re up to speed.

The course runs at 2.5 – 3 hours and is fully interactive. There are materials that you will need to read in order to prepare properly for this course. You will need a working microphone to participate (camera not required).

You can book this course with the SAR Toolkit sessions on 2nd February – add one Toolkit and get £25 off. Add both to get £50 off. Use the code ‘SARBundle’ and let me know what you want to book.

Course cost: £150.00 + VAT

9.30am February 14th, 2022