All UK GDPR Courses

Punchy courses delivered at your desk (or in your home wearing pyjamas, I won’t know the difference) – one or two hours, full materials available, and everything you would expect from a 2040 course. Listen and learn, ask questions and get answers from a trainer with 20 years of information rights experience.

Please note – while anyone is welcome to book, these courses are aimed at a UK audience and are most likely to refer to the UK ICO and UK cases.


Practical courses are 2.5 hours and cost £125.00 + VAT except Practical Active Audit which is a full day course and is £250.00 + VAT

Toolkit courses are full day and cost £250.00 + VAT

Check start time when you book! 


Your booking is for one person, and you agree when you book that only one person will view the course. Discounts are available if you want more people to attend; contact for more information.
You can cancel your attendance up to one week before the course; after that, no refunds are available. You will get access to a recorded version of the course if you cannot attend on the day. Please do not book the course if you do not accept this requirement.

Practical GDPR: Nightmare SAR (2.5 hrs) FULL: see June 1st 2021

9.30am, 12th April 2021

£125.00 + VAT

GDPR Toolkit (full day course)

9.30am, 27th April 2021

£250.00 + VAT

Practical GDPR: The Parent / Child SAR (2.5 hrs)

9.30am, 28th April 2021

£125.00 + VAT

Practical GDPR: the PECR Paradox (2.5 hrs)

2.00pm, 28th April 2021

£125.00 + VAT

Practical GDPR: the Diabolical Data Breach (2.5 hrs)

9.30am, 4th May 2021

£125.00 + VAT

Practical GDPR: the Challenging CCTV DPIA (2.5 hrs)

2.00pm, 4th May 2021

£125.00 + VAT

DPO Toolkit (full day course)

9.30am, 5th May 2021

£250 + VAT

Practical GDPR: the Active Audit (full day course)

9.30am, 6th May 2021

£250 + VAT

Subject Access Toolkit (full day course)

9.30am, 10th May 2021

£250 + VAT

DPIA Toolkit (full day course)

9.30am, 13th May 2021

£250 + VAT

Practical GDPR: the Nightmare SAR (2.5 hrs)

9.30am, 1st June 2021

£250 + VAT