GDPR Onlines

Short, punchy courses delivered at your desk (or in your home wearing pyjamas, I won’t know the difference) – one or two hours, full materials available, and everything you would expect from a 2040 course. Listen and learn, ask questions and get answers from a trainer with 19 years of information rights experience.


One hour courses are £60 + VAT.

Two hour courses are £80 + VAT

DPIA or SAR bundle (2 x 2 hrs) is £140 + VAT

Check start time when you book! 

2 hour courses include a 5 minute break


Your booking is for one person, and you agree when you book that only one person will view the course. Discounts are available if you want more people to attend; contact for more information.
You can cancel your attendance up to one week before the course; after that, no refunds are available. You will get access to a recorded version of the course if you cannot attend on the day. Please do not book the course if you do not accept this requirement.

SAR Basics (2 hours)

9.30am, November 18th 2020

SARs: searching, redaction and exemptions (2 hrs)

2.00pm, November 18th 2020

DPIAs and DP by Design (2 hrs)

9.30am, November 23rd 2020

DPIAs in practice (2 hrs)

9.30am, November 30th 2020

Discount if booked with DPIAs in Practice

GDPR for Trustees (2 hrs)

2.00pm, December 7th 2020

GDPR for School Governors (2 hrs)

9.30am, December 8th 2020

GDPR for Elected Members (2 hrs)

2.00pm, December 8th 2020

Practical GDPR: the Nightmare SAR

9.30am, 18th December 2020

Controllers vs Processors (1 hr)

2.00pm, 11th January 2020

GDPR and Photography (2 hrs)

9.30am, 12th January 2021

GDPR and Research (2 hrs)

2.00pm, 12th January 2021

GDPR Rights (2 hours)

9.30am, 19th January 2021


CCTV Essentials (2 hrs)

DPO Essentials (2 hrs)

GDPR Essentials (2 hrs)

Marketing and Data Protection (2 hrs)