Interactive Courses

This series of courses is designed to escape Powerpoint and work together with your fellow delegates. WARNING: This is not a traditional classroom-style course where you are led by the hand and given all of the answers. Information rights law is not a series of binary right and wrong answers. If you join one of these sessions, you will get lots of information on the course subject matter, both from me and from your fellow delegates. However, the goal is to give participants the confidence to recognise that sometimes, there is more than one right answer, and sometimes, there are no easy choices.

On each course, you will discuss various challenges, and vote to decide how to proceed. There is no fixed path – I will guide you through the various stages and explain where your decisions have taken you. In every case, there is a successful outcome (e.g. a final SAR response, a completed DPIA) but it is up to you how you get there.

Each course is 2.5 – 3 hours long.

The open access courses in September are £150 + VAT per person. For an in-house group, the cost is £500 + VAT for a group of up to 12 people, including materials supplied in advance. You may need to do some advance reading to be up to speed on the subject matter of the course. You can add a traditional course in the morning or afternoon (or another practical session) for a total of £950.00 + VAT.

These courses are available for in-house sessions (virtual or face-to-face) or as open access in September 2023.