Recorded intro / induction course

What you need to know


Most organisations have mandatory training requirements, the annual sheep-dip into which all staff must be plunged to put a tick in a box. Most training companies have something for that.

And now so do I.

If you want slick and corporate, it’s out there. Whether it’s a professional voice actor reading lines they didn’t write and don’t understand or the uncanny valley smoothness of AI, someone will sell that to you. Want a monotone narration over some slides? It’s available for free in several places.

That’s not what I’ve got.

What have I got? I’ve got me (more wild-eyed because I took my specs off for ease of lighting and Good Lord the mad scientist vibes are strong). I have two sessions for now – a general introduction and a shorter one designed for people who don’t handle data. You can watch on screens and mobiles and they even work purely as sound.

The longer session includes segments on personal data, the principles, practical security, DPIAs, and rights among other things, but crucially, you get to choose what to include. If you want to take the video and edit elements out, you can. If you want to drop contact details in, you can. If you want me to record a specific intro / outro for you, that can be arranged (costs extra!).

The team who made them with me did a cracking job of shooting and editing them, but alas, there’s still that maniac onscreen and I can’t do anything about him. These videos won’t be for everyone, but if you want something a bit different to induct or remind your staff, I think this is it.

How it works

You can take either video as it is or remove sections, as well as adding contact details onscreen at appropriate points. The cost will be based on the number of people you want to view it.

You can either access the recording via a secure link or receive a copy to upload onto your network or LMS. Your license agreement will cover how many staff are entitled to view it over what period – extensions to numbers or time are always available at reasonable rates.

I will also consult organisations who buy access on what additional sections or sessions to provide. I can also film specific sections for you at an additional cost. To discuss purchasing either videos, email me:

General Introduction

  • Introduction

  • Personal data

  • Know what you’ve got

  • Anonymisation

  • Special categories

  • Facts and opinions

  • Principles

  • Security

  • Rights

  • DPIAs

  • Controllers + processors:

  • Summary

No-data handlers

  • Introduction

  • Passwords and security

  • Being aware of strangers in or around work

  • Working in the field

  • When people ask you for information (police and others)

  • Finding data (abandoned documents, computers etc.)

  • Summary