Goodbye Blogger

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Google, Uncalled-for solipsism

I have three inflammatory blog posts on the go at the moment and for various reasons I either cannot finish them or cannot post them (if you know me, you will be able to guess why not). So in the meantime, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon leaving Blogger in droves because of Google’s privacy policy.

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about the Google policy itself, but I don’t want to alienate those who read my blog, and who do feel strongly about it.

I should also apologise for the fact that I am using the same blog theme as Paul Bernal, another fine blogger who made the same journey before I did ( I didn’t know that when I switched to WordPress there would be so few themes I like, and it was either this one, the Chunk one being used by Save FOI ( or the fantastic Saul Bass-inflected ‘Vertigo’ one, which really would go with a movie blog, but is irrelevant to this one. I can’t get the Chunk one to do what I want it to, and this one seems easier. I doubt anyone will think I am passing off, but if you think you’re in the wrong place and wanted to read about privacy, human rights and internet issues written with a sense of humour, you’re in the wrong place. Click on the link for Paul’s blog above. Round here, we take the piss out of the Information Commissioner even when it isn’t called for (it usually is), mouth off without much evidence when privacy and transparency are threatened, and occasionally launch quixotic broadsides against innocent parties like which turn out to be a lot less fun than was expected. Generally it’s an outlet for those days when I am working from home and putting something off.

So while I resolve my fact-checking / defamation issues, why not enjoy some old gold from the 2040 info law blog annals…