Toolkit courses

These toolkit courses are fully interactive, with knowledge tests throughout the day, and practical exercises. You will not just be sitting watching PowerPoint – join in on microphone or camera, and have an enjoyable and illuminating day with your fellow delegates.  

After the course, you’ll have access to a resource page with case studies, guidance, important developments and a recording of the course. This will be updated regularly, and access will remain open after you attend. You will receive an audit guide whichever course you attend. Each session is £250 + VAT for the day including materials, resource page access and a place on the Q+A session.

DPIA Toolkit – understand how to get the best out of your impact assessment process, including designing screening questions, developing a DPIA template that works, and identifying risks in a realistic way – this is a process-driven, real-world session.

10.00am, 6th December 2021

FOI Toolkit – this course will give you the tools to deal with FOI and EIR requests in a fair, effective and efficient way. This isn’t a dull trek through the FOI provisions; this course sets out a detailed process for receiving, filtering, clarifying and logging requests. In the afternoon, we look at the exemptions – not just a list of what the exemptions say, but an examination of the prejudice and public interest tests, getting evidence and consulting third parties, as well as the appeals process.

Coming soon

Subject Access Toolkit – this course will help to streamline your process of dealing with SARs, including clarification, assessing complexity, refusals because the request is unfounded or excessive. Course includes detailed exemptions guide, and a practical redaction exercise.

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DPO Toolkit – This is not an A-Z GDPR course – this is the route map to being a successful Data Protection Officer. How do you avoid a conflict of interest? What do you do when the Chief Executive doesn’t want to follow your advice? How do you sell the benefits of GDPR and encourage people to seek your advice? All the tools that you’ll need to be an effective and helpful DPO are available here.

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