UK GDPR Essentials (2.5 hours)

GDPR is three years old, and an awful lot of nonsense has been written and said about how it works. Listen to the wrong person, and you’ll be convinced that you’re going to be inundated with access requests, fined 4% of your turnover and forced to get consent for everything. This course will set you right. You can’t learn everything in two hours, but this practical, entertaining course will get you started. What are the basic requirements of GDPR? What rights do people have over their data? When do you need consent? What breaches do you need to report to the ICO?

Ideal for small organisations, but also with some surprises for the biggest controllers – book now for the perfect crash course in all things UK GDPR.


  • Relationship between GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Definition of personal data and the six data protection principles (including the need to demonstrate compliance)
  • Conditions for processing
  • Using special categories data
  • Dealing with subject rights, including transparency and fair processing, subject access, the right to be forgotten and rights of objection
  • Impact assessments
  • Security and breach notification

Next course: 10.00am, 4th January 2022