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Infographic: red flags for GDPR Consultants: Click here

GDPR articles and recitals integrated together: Click here

Free webinars on UK topics

Data of the Dead: https://vimeo.com/879784606

Trashparency: awful privacy notices and how to spot them: https://vimeo.com/869623383

How to read the GDPR: https://vimeo.com/859761079

SAR WARS! Nigel Farage, Coutts and the GDPR: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/854980285

Free at last! Prismall vs DeepMind / Google: https://vimeo.com/834182442

Won’t someone think of the children? The ICO TikTok Fine: https://vimeo.com/834116489

‘I didn’t read it the first time either’: everything else in the DPDI Bill: https://vimeo.com/826202336

‘Completely wrong, completely misleading and perverse’: the Experian Appeal: https://vimeo.com/819879848

People in Glass Houses: the Tate Viewing Platform decision: https://vimeo.com/802207419

The Will of the People: how ICO deals with complaints: https://vimeo.com/775130438

The Sleeper Awakes: Recent ICO Enforcement, October 2022: https://vimeo.com/765067947

Enter the Portal (a guide to GDPR Rights sites): https://vimeo.com/760058708

Compo-Geddon! (UK GDPR compensation cases), July 2022: https://vimeo.com/732686740

ICO enforcement: Tuckers and Reed Online, July 2022: https://vimeo.com/727063365

Clearview ICO enforcement, June 2022: https://vimeo.com/720755695

Privacy vs the Press (the Bloomberg case), March 2022: https://vimeo.com/694188728

HOW TO GET FINED!, Feb 2022: https://vimeo.com/676047255 

E.T. – Extra Territoriality (The Soriano case), Jan 2022: https://vimeo.com/672121557

GDPR Bonfire!, featuring Emily Overton (RM Girl), : https://vimeo.com/629392035 

ICO Age Appropriate Design Code: https://vimeo.com/557638452

ICO political guidance: https://vimeo.com/531468199

Leave.EU Spamtacular: https://vimeo.com/516428434

ICO Enforcement on Experian: https://vimeo.com/478622673

GDPR Rights for Studentshttps://vimeo.com/448935491

Cookies: https://vimeo.com/445786984

ICO report into Mobile Phone Extraction: https://vimeo.com/434475891

Free webinars on International / Brexit issues

Contract Killer: the DPC / Meta decision: https://vimeo.com/794591330

UK Adequacy: https://vimeo.com/582886145

EU Standard Contract Clauses: https://vimeo.com/570039126

UK / EU Representatives: https://vimeo.com/509982824

Schrems 2, featuring Dr Katherine O’Keefe, Director of Training and Research at Castlebridge: https://vimeo.com/441673126

Brexit and GDPR: https://vimeo.com/434489379


Free webinars on FOI issues

The GB News FOI Request: https://vimeo.com/570284225

Writing a good FOI request (pitched to journalists, but hopefully helpful to others): https://vimeo.com/434496915

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