In the current climate, poor FOI practice means pouring money you don’t have down the drain, wasting time in complaints, monitoring and even enforcement action. Improve your approach, develop your expertise and avoid spending time and resources on problems you could actually avoid. 2040 will help.

Whether you want simple awareness training, a detailed study of specific aspects of the law, or training for your decision-makers, the work is tailored to what you need. Pick and choose what you want to know about, or take my advice. Any topic can be adapted for a full day or morning / afternoon session. 2040 goes anywhere.

  • Clarification – deflecting vague, generic and general requests
  • Assessing and justifying refusals under as vexatious or manifestly unreasonable
  • Identifying requests for opinion or other information genuinely not held
  • Making accurate time estimates and successfully rejecting expensive requests
  • Exemptions – how to put together robust refusal notices quickly and effectively
  • The interface between FOI and Data Protection
  • The definition of Environmental Information and the relationship between FOI and EIR
  • Improving your written processes, policies, procedures and record keeping


2040 Training can help you. There are a number of different options on offer, but none of these courses are off-the-peg. You can decide what you want the course to cover, and we will adapt it for the intended delegates.

  • One day FOI or EIR overview – the A- Z of exemptions and request processing
  • Half-day FOI or EIR introduction – the FOI / EIR survival guide
  • Key messages for senior management
  • Short briefing for elected members
  • Detailed practical session on exemptions and how to apply them

Courses can be tailored for organisations of all sizes.

Training available for the FOIA 2000 and / or EIRs 2004 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or the FOISA 2002 and / or EI(S)Rs 2004 in Scotland

Sample course agendas are available on request; contact 2040: