FOI Officers wanted for short survey

by | Sep 27, 2011 | FOI, Michael Gove | 1 comment

I’m currently writing a book, for which I need to do some surveys and interviews later in the year. To that end, I’m testing out some survey software. Moreover, the story that Chris Cook broke in the FT about private emails in Government last week is still, to my mind, one of the most fascinating FOI issues of recent months. The idea that government departments could go up such an obvious dead end is remarkable.

So, in order to serve both objectives, I’ve set up two surveys, one for central government FOI officers, and one for local government FOI officers. If I get a decent response, I might do other sectors. There are four questions, and you are not asked for any personal information. All I will get is statistics, and I won’t be able to contact you. I will use the statistics for a blog post, and only if I get enough for the results to be worth airing. It’s not scientific, and I don’t expect to draw any explosive conclusions. I’m just interested in what other people’s views are on private email and FOI.

Please don’t fill in the survey if you’re not directly involved in responding to FOI requests but your comments and tweets are welcome if you have anything to say.