FOI Five

The FOI Five newsletter is a free monthly summary of the five most interesting FOI and EIR decisions from the previous month. Coming out on the third Friday of the month, you will get a short, helpful summary of each case, and a link to the decision itself.

This isn’t FOI news – the newsletter covers Information Commissioner’s Office FOI and EIR decisions, with some Tribunal decisions when good ones arise. Decisions will be chosen on the basis of them having an impact of lots of organisations and applicants – how vexatious or clarification is being interpreted, a good example of the public interest test or prejudice test, or an exemplary / notably terrible use of an exemption. The newsletter is informative, entertaining, and punchy. There will usually be five, but if a month throws up a few more interesting decisions, I will include them.

Scottish FOI decisions won’t be included in the FOI Five because the Scottish Information Commissioner has a helpful monthly FOI newsletter of their own, a link to which can be found on the front page of their website.

And yes, there will be an advert of each newsletter at the end about 2040’s FOI and EIR training courses and products, because I’m not a saint.

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