Domestic CCTV + Surveillance (1 hr)

It’s very easy to pop down to a DIY or hardware store, or hop onto Amazon and buy yourself a home CCTV system, or even just a fancy doorbell with a camera.


OK, perhaps it’s not that bad, but Data Protection can impinge on relatively simple uses of home surveillance, and you need to know where you stand with the law. Are you covered by GDPR at all? How can you avoid being captured by it? And if you are, what does that mean? This is a practical, no-nonsense course that will help you to make sure that you don’t misuse personal data, get sued or have some smartarse use you as an example on one of his training courses. The course will include coverage of recent CCTV compensation cases including the October 2021 Oxfordshire case involving Ring cameras.

Course materials include a plain English checklist on how UK GDPR affects domestic surveillance users for you to refer to later.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are an organisation or business of any kind, this course is not for you. I have another one that is.

£25 + VAT, 10.00am, 26th November 2021