Direct Marketing

The definition of marketing is not just about selling products and services – it’s wide enough to encompass recommending changes in behaviour or choices, as well as promoting your image, your identity or even asking people to support your cause. Many in the public and voluntary sectors spend as much time and money on marketing as the private sector, even if they don’t know it. The Information Commissioner has fined dozens of organisations for unwanted and intrusive marketing, and has even taken action on the profiling and data sharing that underpins charity fundraising.

Data Protection gives everyone the right to opt out of direct marketing, but that’s not the only legal obligation that marketers, fundraisers and campaigners face. The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) includes specific rules for all forms of electronic direct marketing and campaigning (email, text, live phone calls, and fax), and the possibility of a major revision of the EU ePrivacy Directive is on the cards, despite the Brexit vote. If you need training, advice or consultancy on the way your marketing works, contact 2040 today.

Options include:

  • Review of consent, data sharing and list broker arrangements
  • Training on direct marketing and the law, consent and data sharing
  • Why did the charities get fined, and how can you avoid sharing their fate?
  • Developing a compliant marketing strategy


Sample course agendas are available on request: contact 2040: