Data Protection Impact Assessments

I offer two courses on impact assessments. They work as standalone sessions, but if you book both together, you get a discount on the pair. After the course, you will receive a link to a regularly updated page with links to DPIA resources.

Each course is £90.00 + VAT; both courses together are £150.00 + VAT. If you are booking both courses, please make sure you choose the ‘2 courses’ option when selecting your payment option.

DPIAs and DP by Design: the basics (2 hrs)

This practice, no-nonsense two hour course covers the basics of introducing a Data Protection by Design approach, including techniques to make GDPR compliance easier and more routine and steps to building a practical and effective DP culture. In particular, how do you use Data Protection impact assessments to get to grips with the GDPR / DPA requirements? What is a DPIA? When is a DPIA mandatory? Who should carry them out? All these questions and more will be answered on this practical and plain English online course.

Returning later in 2021, or access a recording now


DPIAs in Practice (2 hrs)

This is a practical two-hour session which deals with carrying out a DPIA on a specific project. We look at each stage of the process: When should you get started? How do you address the GDPR principles? How do you identify risks and what methodologies can you follow to assess them properly? When should you change the project, and when can you accept that some risks are essential to the business? What is prior consultation?
Including examples of templates and processes that work well (and also some approaches that will sink you), this practical and entertaining course will set you up to get more out of the DPIA than just a tick in a box.

Returning later in 2021, or access a recording now