Data Protection Update and Q+A (3 hours)

This session has two parts – the first is a quick summary of the major data protection developments in the past three months. The focus will be on significant events rather than news and gossip (you get that for free on the DPO Daily). My aim is to highlight enforcement and what you can learn from it, court decisions and new guidance – this will start with the UK and pick up on European developments where they are relevant.

The main part is Q+A – you can ask any and all questions about data protection, and you can submit these questions in advance. Numbers on the session will be limited so you’ll have chance to ask your question and get involved in the discussion. You’ll get a summary of all questions and answers afterwards, and any question that gets missed will be answered there.

Each season is £200 + VAT including a summary of all updates and a Q+A transcript written to protect participants’ identities and organisations.

You can subscribe to a year’s worth of sessions for £700 + VAT, and this will entitle you to receive access to rapid reaction videos to significant developments between sessions. The subscription also means that you can send anyone to these sessions – it’s not required for the same person to attend every one.

Live: no recording

9.30am, 11th September 2023

£200.00 + VAT

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