SAR Toolkit 2: exemptions and redaction (2.5 hrs)

Once you have a valid subject access request, what then? How do you search for information? What can you legitimately exclude from a request? How do you deal with information about other people, or staff members, especially if they don’t want to be identified? If you’re dealing with a difficult or angry applicant, what do you have to tell them about the information you’ve withheld? This practical, no-nonsense course will answer all these questions and more. I’ve been dealing with subject access requests since 2002, and I have a lot to tell you!

  • Searching – what the GDPR and recent court cases say about the scope of a subject access request
  • Data received from third party organisations
  • Third parties and how is their data dealt with – including recent court cases on so-called ‘mixed requests’, including court decisions
  • Data about staff mentioned in emails and other correspondence
  • Exemptions from subject access – crime and taxation, legal proceedings, negotiations and other relevant exemptions
  • Redaction techniques

After the course, you will receive a link to a regularly updated page with links to SAR resources.

£100.00 + VAT recorded

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