Manual handlers

This short, entertaining course is designed for staff who handle limited or no personal data – repair staff, cleaners, grounds maintenance and other manual workers. As well as the limited data they may get access to, these staff see a lot of private issues, and can be the eyes and ears of the organisation, finding documents, seeing security risks and dealing with the outside world. Without jargon or death by powerpoint, this briefing will help them to take a positive role in the organisation’s approach to personal data.

  • What is personal data and why does it need to be protected
  • Contact details
  • Handling data sensibly while you’re working
  • What to do when you see data that isn’t relevant to your job
  • What to do if you find copies of personal data or equipment that might have personal data on it
  • Taking pictures while doing your job – dos and don’ts
  • Dealing with third parties like the police
  • Keeping what you find out at work confidential

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