How to do FOI: getting requests in and out

This course will give you the tools to deal with FOI and EIR requests. This isn’t a dull trek through the FOI provisions; this is about developing a strategic approach to FOI, looking at how to create a process that is fast, effective and fair. We’ll work through a detailed process for receiving, filtering, clarifying and logging requests.

Course includes:

  • Developing an FOI strategy – corporate measures to ensure that information is properly organised, accessible and available (and deleted when it’s no longer needed)

  • Testing your FOI procedure

  • Publication and disclosure logs

  • Establishing when information is ‘held’

  • When identity of the applicant is relevant

  • Clarification

  • The cost limit and aggregating requests

9.30am, 3rd June 2024

£175.00 + VAT

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