The Great Escape: International Data Transfers from the UK (full day)

Course covers:

  • The UK GDPR’s territorial reach, including the Clearview AI case

  • The Schrems 2 case and why all of this is such a mess

  • Adequacy deals, including where we are with the EU and the new UK / US adequacy deal

  • the ICO’s International Data Transfer Agreement and what’s wrong with it

  • Carrying out a transfer risk assessment to unfamiliar countries

  • Using the addendum in conjunction with the EU standard contract clauses and why you might do that

  • Binding Corporate Rules (briefly)

  • Derogations for specific situations – when does consent or contract legitimately work

  • Specific situations: using non-UK processors and suppliers, having customers outside the UK, staff working abroad, foreign partners and subsidiaries

  • We will also look at everything that looks like it might be a restricted transfer, but isn’t

I will set out practical, useful steps for you to take, and set out what your options are when transferring data. I promise to break it all down in a practical, entertaining and enlightening way. You will leave the course more confident in dealing with transfers than when you arrived.

Live only

10.00am, 11th July 2024

£350.00 + VAT

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