GDPR for Elected Members

  • What is the GDPR why do you need to know about it?

  • What is personal data? relationship between DP and confidentiality

  • GDPR main features

    • Telling people how their data is used

    • Justifying your use of data – do you always need consent?

    • Ensuring data is fit for purpose (i.e. having enough data and ensuring it is accurate)

    • Data sharing between councillors, the council and others

    • People’s right to access, correct and erase their personal data

  • Security of data

    • Using mobile devices like laptops and memory sticks

    • Working from home

    • Sharing data by email, post and other methods

  • Why do people get fined under the GDPR?

  • Websites, social media, blogging and other issues

  • Interface between Data Protection and FOI

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