EIR basics (1.5 hour course)

Most people in the public sector have encountered an FOI request, but 17 years after they came into force, many aren’t as familiar with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. The funny thing is, depending on where you work, you might get at least as many EIR requests as FOIs. Delve into the weird and wonderful world of EIR, and find out how they work, how they differ from FOI, and what to do when an EIR request lands in your inbox.

Course includes:

  • Dealing with verbal requests

  • Fake names and identities

  • Clarification and advice & assistance

  • Format of response

  • Making information proactively available

  • Manifestly unreasonable refusals based on cost

  • Developing a charging policy in line with the European Court Decision on the East Sussex case

Live or recorded course

11.00am, 02/05/2024

£125.00 + VAT (£100 for recorded)

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