The DP MOT: design and run a data protection audit (full day)

A vital part of any Data Protection programme is to find out whether it’s working on the ground. You might have wonderful policies, procedures and training in place, but how do you know if it’s working? On this practical, no-nonsense course, you’ll learn how to design and run a quick health check all the way up to a full organisational audit. Test whether people are doing what you need them to do.


  • What does “compliance” look like?

  • Quick and dirty risk-based checks

  • The ICO accountability framework (and what’s wrong with it)

  • What to look for in an adequacy audit of policies

  • Theme-based vs team-based audits

  • What to ask and how to ask it

  • Identify significant risks and notable good practice

  • How to write a persuasive audit report

Only available live

10.00am, 3rd September 2024

£350 + VAT

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