Disclosure (everyone else calls it ‘Data Sharing’)

Data sharing is often perceived to be the most complex and difficult of GDPR issues, but the legislation doesn’t see disclosure as being any different to other forms of processing. There are pitfalls, especially if the data will be re-purposed or where you might need to disclose confidential or sensitive data. This a practical, plain English guide to ensuring that disclosures are lawful and justified – as well as details of how the DPA exemptions apply and what the rules are for special categories data, the course also covers data sharing agreements, data processors and disclosures across International boundaries.


  • Why is data sharing the wrong name for it?

  • Key data sharing risks

  • Justifying sharing with third parties

  • Enforcement and court cases involving data sharing

Also available as a recorded course

2.00pm, 2/03/2023

£150.00 + VAT

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