Opt-in B2B: GDPR + PECR for business marketing

The first thing people think about when using personal data is the GDPR. Sometimes, it’s the only thing. But there’s more. You also have to look at the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (AKA PECR). Unlike the GDPR, which is largely about principles and risk management, PECR has rules, and there are subtle differences depending on how you obtained your data and how you’re sending your marketing. Sending marketing to people at work is easier than sending it to consumers, but there are quirks and subtleties that you need to keep on top of.
This course is aimed at companies, charities and public bodies who aim to send marketing to people at work – by post, by phone, by text and by email. We’ll cover all the practicalities including obtaining data, transparency, and the famous soft opt-in.
  • What is direct marketing?
  • When do you need consent for business marketing?
  • How to assess legitimate interests and when you can use it
  • What PECR says about live & automated calls, texts and emails including the corporate telephone preference service
  • Obtaining data – data scraping and data brokers
  • Transparency
  • Recent ICO fines
Live or recorded (please email me to book the recorded version)

2.00pm, 10/9/2024

£150.00 + VAT (live) or £100.00 (recorded)

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