Recorded courses

These sessions are mostly recorded versions of live courses, so they’re lively and spontaneous but not prim and perfect.

Sessions marked ‘clean’ are specifically recorded for sale here, and so they will be more smooth, but please note I am known more for enthusiasm than polish.

Click on any of the courses below to find out more. Please be aware that course descriptions sometimes refer to sessions that are available as both live and recorded versions, but the content will always be the same, and recorded sessions are always cheaper.

Short courses (clean)

These are short courses designed for training multiple people (minimum booking: 10 people). All can be adapted and personalised to suit your requirements, including quizzes and practical exercises. Either load on your LMS or view via a link from 2040. Prices are negotiable depending on numbers.

Role-based courses

These are practical GDPR courses aimed at specific roles.

UK GDPR courses

SAR + Rights courses

Data Protection Act Courses

FOI + EIR Courses