As well as a purveyor of high quality training and consultancy, I also carry out a bit of freelance mischief-making. If you have any ideas of things I might be interested in digging into, let me know: tim@2040training.co.uk
Things likely to get my interest include dodgy uses of personal data, DP consultants and companies who make fake or exaggerated claims, vexatious FOI applicants or anything that the ICO does, all of which I have covered on my blog.

2040 Blog

This is my blog about information rights, law and practice – it is brash, opinionated and (hopefully) entertaining: 2040infolawblog
Read more about marketing, fair processing, and (as many have pointed out) relentless criticism of the Information Commissioner’s Office.
There may be swearing.
Let me know if you have an interesting data protection issue or FOI request that you’d like me to write about. Some of the highlights of my blogs include are: