Automated GDPR

The GDPR has a bee in its bonnet about a variety of things but a running theme is the risks associated with using algorithms or other automated processes to create data and make decisions about people. Take humans out of the picture, and your GDPR burden starts to increase. Specific transparency requirements and possible mandatory Data Protection Impact Assessments rear their heads, and you might find that there are certain things you just can’t do easily, or at all.

This is a practical, no-nonsense course that sets out the framework you need in place to use automated techniques.


  • What is the difference between profiling and an automated decision?
  • What do we need to tell people about the way we used algorithms and programs
  • When do we need to ask for consent?
  • Are specific types of decision forbidden?
  • Course covers ICO and European Data Protection Board guidance, as well as recent courses cases like challenges against Uber

Next session: Monday 11th October, 2.00pm

Course costs £100 + VAT (also available as a recording)