An exciting* prize

by | May 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

I am speaking at the Information and Records Management Society Conference in Brighton. I am on at 12 noon in Room E5 on Tuesday 20th May. Hopefully in keeping with the conference theme of Luxury Versus Necessity, my talk is about how records management is often sold as a major contributor to FOI, whereas it should be seen primarily as something that underpins Data Protection. You can’t do DP without RM, as the title of the talk goes.

Yes, I do wish I had come up with something snappier.

Some of the other talks are enticing attendees to come along and attend their sessions with bottle of champagne and the like, and as someone who regularly enters competitions, I thought I would do something similar. I note that a respected law firm recently did a conference where the prize in their session was an attractive selection of Lego. I now wish I had thought of that, but I have already told someone what my intended prize was going to be, so I’m not going to back out now. Here goes.

Everyone who is still in my talk at the end will be given an envelope. All but one of the envelopes will contain some marketing material and my business card. One of the envelopes will contain a voucher for a single day’s training provided by me at their workplace, on a Data Protection, FOI or EIR topic of their choosing.

There is a catch. The lucky winner’s organisation will pay my travel expenses. Regular readers of my tweets will already know that this will involve no more than a cheap train ticket and (if necessary), a room in a Premier Inn, but while I love training and I’m happy to offer this prize as a thank you for attending, I think that’s reasonable. The other catch is that the prize expires on 20th May 2015.

So if you were already planning to come, stay till the end. If you weren’t planning to come, come along. If you’re not going to the conference, keep reading the blog, as I have another competition planned for after the summer.