Public Speaking

Ask me to speak at your conference, and you will get a lively, entertaining and informative presentation. Everyone knows what the vendor presentation is like: a boring man in a suit, pointing at a screen. Ask me to do a turn, and I will not be there to plug my off-the-peg training course or boring subject access tracking software. No matter what information rights topic you want me to speak on, I will deliver something interesting, attention-grabbing and unique. I will even liven up the Session of Death (AKA the after lunch slot). You can get one of those speakers who has file cards in their pocket and is essentially doing the same talk for you that they’ve done a hundred times. Or you could get someone on the agenda who will wake people up and get them thinking.

Topics could include

  • The right to be forgotten and how it works
  • Why organisations get fined under Data Protection
  • Recent significant DP decisions
  • The implications of workplace monitoring
  • Social media and data protection – what happens when an organisation looks at a Facebook page?
  • Recent FOI decisions
  • Why some organisations are terrible at FOI and what you can learn from them


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